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  • The Startup Venture Studio

    The venture studio framework is a new model for entrepreneurship, combining company building with venture funding. The Bailiwick Venture Studios (BVS) business model combines entrepreneurship, skilled innovation, and company-building tactics with venture funding. By design, venture studios link organic and curated business ideas to their talented in-house and recruited founders and counterparts to build and execute those ideas. This offers entrepreneurs a new kind of value support system to reduce time to market, iterate rapidly and expand more ambitiously into untapped markets.
    Bailiwick Venture Studios (BVS) invents and helps entrepreneurs grapple with the unknowns of building a new company by providing ideas with an initial capital amount, a talented development team and ongoing operational support. BVS’ main goal is to found as many successful ResTech startups as possible with the resources we have — all from the ground up - and support them through their journey providing a high potential ROI to our investors.
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    ResTech Innovation:

    Solving Problems

    By providing founders with the essential
    capital, resources, and expertise through a
    shared infrastructure, Bailiwick Venture
    Studio (BVS) can validate and execute multiple ResTech startup ideas at once. The link that ties all of these different elements together is the type of strategy, or strategies, that is put in place.


    Ultimately, different innovation frameworks
    work for different business models.Each
    venture studio operates according to its
    strategy. Essentially, the BVS model is a startup and technology innovation company. We use our capital for studio operating expenses plus the initial seed capital investment for each new startup - averaging about $1M for an initial 100% ownership in each startup we found, diluted by future equity rounds. Once a founding team is secured, BVS shares are further diluted accordingly.


    Venture studios are creating a new breed of
    innovation acceleration by pairing business
    challenges with the founders who are
    committed to solving them and the
    companies they need them.

  • Venture Studios - a Superior Model and New Asset Class

    Startup's tend to follow a playbook regardless of industry. Whether they are incubated internally or organically from scratch, there is a process to follow.


    A major point of difference between the Studio model and others in the startup world is what and how studios invest and support their startups. Successful entrepreneurs create and innovate but they also operate their companies. BVS supports the companies it creates long after its founding in the Studio. Startup venture studios bring capital and all the support startups need in the early days. BVS bring access to everyone it knows and everything the team knows to the table.

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    The Venture Studio Process

    The BVS startup Studio Team is
    essential. These men and women will
    be passionate and experienced
    ResTech professionals recruited from
    successful software companies, if
    possible, with ResTech expertise.


    This team will allocate that energy
    and passion to support multiple
    startups simultaneously in an agency
    project management style, mindful of
    the agile development methodology.

    The objective is to move the startup
    from birth to launch in less than 12
    months, and support its Series Seed
    financing within 18 months.

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    Leveraging influencers and key relationships in the restaurant industry.


    With decades of restaurant industry experience and deep established relationships and strategic communication assets unique to Bailiwick Ventures, BVS leverages its network of operators, innovators, investors and suppliers to add value to its portfolio of emerging B2B software companies.

  • About Us

    Experience, Focus and with Perspective

    We are passionate advocates and practitioners in foodservice and ResTech, so naturally, we are hyper-focused on our bailiwick, restaurant technology startups.


    Our leadership team has broad reach to industry affiliates, business colleagues, restaurant leadership, and influencers, affiliates, dealers and media relationships. We bring decades of relevant experience to our investing partners and portfolio companies. We bring operations, culinary, development and corporate finance expertise. We have held BOH and FOH unit-level and C-level positions at regional and national chains. We are food and restaurant tech entrepreneurs, social media pioneers and digital transformation consultants.


    We are practitioners and thought-leaders and with an operators' perspective. We are passionate about the restaurant industry and excited about how enabling technologies are transforming our industry every day. Technology helps create operational efficiencies leading to profitability and that make operators more competitive and relevant.


    We have unique access to opportunities because we have been actively engaged as operators, digital media and Internet entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, financiers, food and restaurant technology sales and social media marketers for decades. We think automation is the new key to success in the broader foodservice industry. We have transaction experience as investment banker and entrepreneur. We live and work at the intersection of restaurant and technology working with clients and partners around the globe.


    We are experienced entrepreneurs in food and beverage, restaurants, retail and Internet technology. We have an operator's perspective with vision and access to key resources required to execute on our plans. We invest, create, launch and support.


    We invest in our own portfolio and secure additional growth capital from industry insiders, operators and venture funds. In some instances, we accept idea-stage startups into our Studio with a founding team and guide them through our process.

    Influencers and Thought-Leaders

    We created the first restaurant social media community and network in 2007. The purpose was to connect and engage operators and no-operators and inform the industry about new emerging technologies that are transforming the industry. FOHBOH.com, and the ResTech [infoh.com] Newsletter deliver news and information to over 30,000 industry professionals each week.

  • Venture Studio Portfolio

    Our current focus is on back of house (BOH) efficiencies in labor, data management, inventory and AI, MarTech,

    Future Studio focus include guest experience, automation and e-commerce solutions.

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    MarTech + ResTech


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    Voice Inventory


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    Data Management


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    Voice Commerce


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    Voice Assistant


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    AI Scheduling


  • Venture Studio Portfolio

    Our current focus is on data management, inventory, e-commerce, AI and MarTech,

    Future Studio focus include guest experience, automation and workforce solutions

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    Restaurant Marketing and Technology Agency

    Agency: FOHBOH means Front of House, Back of House so we cover a lot of ground. But, we also know that technology is transforming the restaurant industry and this touches all FOH+BOH systems and persons and that's our bailiwick. FOHBOH combines Marketing and Operating data to provide prescriptive, actionable insights to both ops and marketing teams.


    Studio Graduate: FOHBOH is now on its own, while still being supported by Bailiwick Ventures Studio.

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    B2C-Conversational Commerce

    Orderscape is a pioneer in enabling voice commerce using Alexa and Google platforms. We create full menu, interactive ordering applications for restaurant and hotel brands worldwide.


    Orderscape created the first universal menu and menu item semantic search engine trained to source local menus for items to order and is the core IP that powers IM Hungry.

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    B2B-Voice-enabled Restaurant Management Software

    VoiceStar.ai voice-enables legacy restaurant management processes to save time and money. Beginning with VoiceINV™, operators at every restaurants, hotel, casino, bar and pub worldwide will be able to use the patent pending VoiceStar voice inventory and order automation software. This reduces the time it takes to complete a bar and food inventory by 80%.

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    Restaurant Data Operating System

    Calder.ai is a cloud-based data management system to enable restaurant brand-controlled tech-stacks. By combining modern, best-of-breed tools and technologies, a custom, mobile responsive website, modern menu management, digital marketing and data management system, we seek to empower the operator to elevate their restaurant to its full potential, while remaining in control of their tech-stack. We offer independent operators a command station with all the essential technology and systems.

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    Voice Commerce Marketplace

    We voice-enabled about 50,000 restaurants locations with over 6.3 million menu items, in 50 states and 3,500 cities. Imagine being able to use just your voice to discover new food items or order "Fettuccini Alfredo" from local restaurants nearby without visiting their websites. Voice search + discovery and commerce for restaurants, virtual or physical.

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    Intelligent Voice Assistant for Teams

    About 80 million workers in the United States don't sit at a desk all day. We are creating a vertical-agnostic team communication, collaboration and coordination mobile app that will keep them organized and improve productivity using conversational AI and list management. VoiceBOOK is an in-app voice assistant.

  • Venture Studio Capitalization

    ResTech Portfolio Capital

    This is not a solicitation.



    BAILIWICK VENTURES STUDIO - Open-Ended (Evergreen) Single-entity studio model.

    Prior to this offering, BVS has been self funded, and in some instances, with committed investors in each of the portfolio companies. In an effort to institutionalize the Studio model and capitalize the Studio, BVS intends to secure capital from qualified investors to support the Studio operations and provide seed capital to our current and future ResTech startups.


    The ideal investor is part of the broader foodservice industry ecosystem that includes operators, manufacturers and suppliers, private equity investors and key industry influencers and technology investors. We believe it's important for investors to possess relevant domain expertise to fully appreciate the ResTech value proposition and industry focus BVS brings to the foodservice and hospitality sectors. It is also important that our investors participate in some meaningful way, including product trials and user feedback which supports the BVS portfolio with an unfair advantage entering the ResTech market quickly and efficiently which further mitigates investor risk by being a potential user of these technologies. All investors must be accredited under Rule 501 qualified investor. Other attributes is patience, as returns are predicated on pro rata terminal values when each portfolio startup is sold (exits).


    While the foodservice industry is indeed being transformed by technology, what does the restaurant operator have to say about all of this? There are hundreds and hundreds of tech innovators targeting restaurants with their apps and cloud-based solutions to solve problems that may or may not exist. BVS combines decades of restaurant operations, startup investing and restaurant technology expertise. Additionally, the BVS operates with a world class advisory board and seed investors that include ResTech entrepreneurs and restaurant operators, C-level executives, venture investors, celebrity restaurateurs and chefs, food manufacturers, distributors, among others. It’s the rare combination of food restaurant + tech + start up investing and operators expertise that uniquely defines The Bailiwick Ventures Studio.


    We intend to create, invent, capitalize and launch innovative food, restaurant and hospitality technology companies. Bailiwick Ventures Studio is comprised of visionary and capable engineers, product and marketing experts, sales and customer success professionals with experience at the seed and growth stage. We expect to seed fund each startup an average of $1.5M (seed calpital plus allocated professional services provided each startup if not billed back to BVS) as founders, owning up to 100% the equity. Once capitalized, with a vetted management team, we will create and launch the Company, secure new customers and validate product market fit quickly, usually within 12-18 months, before spinning the startup out of BVS, with a growth equity raise of at least $2M from outside investors, including BVS investors at their option. Once the startup is launched from the studio it stands on its own but is continued to be supported by the Studio until exit.



    The minimum equity investment for qualified investors is $500,000.



    Preferred Equity, with a 4% preferred return until the first portfolio company has exited.


  • Team

    Investors • Advisors • Entrepreneurs

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    Founder | Partner

    Michael is a serial Investor, entrepreneur, speaker and restaurant technology multi-hyphenate living in Dallas, Texas. His investment thesis is supported by decades of industry experience as an operator, strategist, financier and technologist. Michael is a former consumer-sector investment banker who is deeply passionate and committed to solving restaurant business problems using next generation technology for restaurants operating today and tomorrow... MORE


    LinkedIn | Biography | Speaking | @michaelatkinson | Interviews

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    Co-founder | Partner


    Gennadiy Goldenshteyn is also Founder and Managing Partner of Dinemic Ventures, a
    product development incubator for technology-driven innovation in foodservice and
    hospitality industries.

    Gennadiy is passionate about the foodservice industry and relishes thinking ahead
    of the current foodservice landscape. Previously Gennadiy served as head of Global
    Engineering for YUM! Brands where he oversaw innovative ways to improve the
    experiences of both team members and customers around the world, followed by
    his tenure as Vice President of Advanced Systems at Welbilt, a leading provider of
    commercial foodservice solutions, where he led development and adoption of new
    to the industry technologies.

    Gennadiy brings extensive technology experience and a holistic systems mindset to
    the world of foodservice and hospitality. His time at Ford Motor Company helped him
    to understand and excel in the “concept-to-production” challenge, and his tenure in
    United Technology Corporation’s Aerospace Systems created a passion and
    enthusiasm for bleeding edge technology and integrated system solutions.
    Additionally, Gennadiy has served clients across numerous industries as a member
    of McKinsey’s Operations practice, including developing their Product Development


    Gennadiy holds MS and BS from MIT and UC Berkeley, respectively.


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    Studio Advisor


    Nick is currently an Investor at Serent Capital, where he focuses on investing in technology businesses across multiple end-markets, including Hospitality. Prior to joining Serent, Nick was an investor at High Alpha, an early stage B2B software venture studio and venture capital firm. Nick is passionate about working with technology businesses, learning about new markets, and developing relationships with the people who are leveraging technology to drive industries forward.


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